About PharmaNet, Inc.®

PharmaNet, Inc.® was incorporated in the State of New York in 1989, and re-incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2010. We specialize in the development and presentation of seminars, educational programs and courses, associated with the good manufacturing compliance requirements for the pharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredients industries. Our GMP compliance and training programs are meticulously selected to fulfill training and education requirements that promote drug product quality and GMP compliance.

The objective of our training programs is practical and current application, and we achieve this objective by recruiting instructors who are recognized experts with hands-on practical industry and/or regulatory (FDA) experience. Program selection and course contents are usually determined based on industry surveys which show that no similar programs, or programs with the same level of quality, are being offered by other industry organizations.

PharmaNet, Inc.® also customizes and presents these courses and programs on-site at the client's premise.