Ensure access to the Chinese market
Preparing, Participating and Handling a Chinese Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) Inspection
Presented by Dr. Mel Dong (Blue Bell Consulting)

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Based in Shanghai, China, Blue Bell Consulting has been providing GMP Consulting, auditing and training services since 2003 for FDA- and CFDA-regulated industries worldwide.


Genau & More provides a comprehensive range of compliance services for life sciences aimed to advance quality in patient care and safety. Specializing in project management, GAP analysis, validation and change management, Genau & More provides both senior experience as well as hands-on execution of projects based on accurate regulatory interpretations. Their services provide clients with a distinct competitive advantage based on long-term inspection readiness, fast time to market and significantly reduced costs.

Key2Compliance® is an independent company providing knowledge and information about CGMP and Quality Systems to the health care industry. Key2Compliance® has an international network providing its training, consultancy and products to a variety of functions in the health care industry, from development to market in terms of Quality Systems and GMP compliance. They are also publishing GMP regulation booklets, handbooks, Play4GMP® learning games and other tools for compliance training.


Nishiyama Consulting Office offers GMP consultation and auditing services including on-site training to Pharmaceutical and API companies in Japan; especially those needing comprehensive support while undergoing FDA inspection.