On-Site Training

Education programs offered by PharmaNet have been carefully selected to fulfill training and education needs in specific areas. Program selection and course contents are usually determined based on industry surveys which show that no similar programs, or programs with the same quality level, are being offered by other industry organizations. The main objective of our educational programs is practical and current application. We fulfill this objective by recruiting instructors who are recognized experts in their field of interest, with hands-on practical industry experience, and/or regulatory experience from their previous employment with the Food and Drug Administration.

Key to Level of Program

Level A: Program includes advanced or technical information, and is suitable for all levels of plant personnel.

Level B: Program prepared specifically for line employees. Some of the information may be too basic for higher level personnel. Supervisors are encouraged to attend the programs with their employees to show support for the program, and to answer specific questions relating to their departmental operations.

Choose from the menu to read descriptions of our courses and select topics or download our On-Site Training brochure in PDF format below.

PharmaNet® On-Site Training Brochure PharmaNet® On-Site Training Brochure (148 KB)